A sound and water-tight roof is more than just nailing on a few shingles. Your roof is a system that works collectively to keep your home dry and protected from the elements as well as give your home additional curb appeal!  All Seasons Roofing Inc. installs each roof in accordance with all Manufacturers specifications and Code. 

First, a sound structural deck must be in place to support the roof covering. Many times a roof leak occurs due to movement or failure of the roof decking or supports. When replacing an existing roof, it is important to thoroughly inspect the deck surface for loose nailing, improper joints and connections, or evidence of wood rot or deterioration. We have uncovered numerous examples of this condition in plywood sheathing which was applied years ago and has since deteriorated. We will replace any damaged decking if needed and restore the integrity of your substructure. 

Second, proper installation of roofing underlayment: the application of ice and water shield as per code (24" inside weight bearing wall as well as any areas that could be suspect to holding larger than normal volumes of snow or water), the felt or comparable underlayment product should be uniform and smooth. Prior to installing shingles, All Seasons Roofing Inc. installs NEW roofing underlayment  over your entire roof. ( Protecting your shingle warranty, complying with all manufacturers recommendations and code)  


 Third in the process is the metal work. Metal drip edge is installed around all perimeter edges. We properly install the pipe flashings around plumbing pipes and stack caps that may be damaged,  a detail many roofers overlook. We often find the roof and tar method when we are called to repair or re-roof a home.  All walls,  roof to wall areas and   chimeys should be flashed as well. At all junctures,  All Seasons Roofing Inc. uses a flashing detail recognized as the best method in the industry.  

Fourth, the proper application of shingles requires experience and attention to many details. Use of chalk lines to keep courses straight, use of proper starters and ridge cap shingles, proper installation of a ventilation system, proper installation of valleys, and proper number and locations of nails in each shingle, all play a vital part in the integrity of your roof.  

  Finally, cleaning up and inspecting the work ensures  satisfactory completion for each job. At All Seasons Roofing Inc. our pride and reputation depend on strict adherence to all of the above, as well as thorough clean up through out the entire process. We can sum it all up with one phrase: COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE!   

Commitment to our customers, commitment to our employees and commitment to the highest standards of workmanship in our industry all combine to ensure our customers the piece of mind they expect. We also provide a 2-year labor guarantee, covering all materials and labor installed by All Seasons Roofing Inc. If the unlikely occurence of a call back happens for any reason with your roof system, All Seasosns Roofing Inc. will dispatch someone at once to attend your to needs. We are a company of integrity and respect and will stand behind our work with follow up service even past warranty!

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